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Our Cloud hosting solution is powerful, simple, and surprisingly affordable. the web has never been easier ever.

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More power on your hand

Our custom built servers with our expert team deliver dynamic performance as you grow

@ $12.00   a month
Each OpenVZ-based VPS servers packages offers a choice of Operating Systems and a choice of web hosting Control Panels.
@ $20.00   a month
Get more resources than those included in your shared web hosting package. With our semi-dedicated hosting servers, which cost much less than a dedicated server.
@ $65.00   a month
With a dedicated server, you can forget about all the restrictions associated with the shared web hosting solutions.
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Power made easy

Our quality packages have the following features and more.

Automatic backup

Automatic backups of your entire website are created time by time . Easily restore your complete data with the click of a mouse.

Script installers

Our Control Panel-incorporated, one-click Applications Installer tool, which you can use to install various popular PHP scripts.

Easy Hepsia Panel

Hepsia control panel fast, simple and easy to use. Navigation is smooth and controlling multiple separate is so easy

Anti-Spam Protection

We have a server-side anti-spam filtering solution, so you can guard all your email box accounts against spam e-mail messages.

Dynamic Upgrades

Instantly add more CPU, RAM, and storage as you grow with just a click of mouse.Or upgrade to a stronger package .

Customer support

Our 24/7 customer support are for help. If you have any issue get in contact with us.

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